Alexandra Guay
Hydraulic Engineering

« An Engineer… Why Not! »

I began my engineering studies without even considering the fact that women are in the minority in the profession. I was first attracted to it because of the many job opportunities that the engineering profession offers, the multitude of specialties, the variety of potential employers, and the wide range of courses included in engineering programs.

Although engineering programs are comprehensive and complex and require a lot of organizational skills, they create an ideal atmosphere. They skilfully blend learning, teamwork, extracurricular activities and in my case, involvement in school life. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I will have an opportunity to either go for a master’s degree or enter the job market.

By choosing this profession, my goal was to have a direct impact on my environment. After all, I am one of those “save the planet” people and my future job will allow me to develop concrete solutions and projects that can help me achieve my dreams. You do not need to be a do-it-yourselfer or a grand inventor to become an engineer: All you need is imagination, organizational skills, the motivation to follow through and of course… an aptitude for mathematics!

Martine Blouin
Biomedical Engineering

« Medicine + Engineering = Biomedial Engineering »

Biomedical engineering offers me an opportunity to work with the most wonderful and complex machines: human bodies. Helping the living world evolve through the results of innovative research on technology is a cause that really speaks to me!

I have been interested in both biology and physics since I was a teenager. The bachelor’s degree program in biomedical engineering is definitely meeting my expectations in terms of its courses and the many projects we work on, the teamwork, the company visits, the internships, the contacts, the research methods and of course the friends that we make along the way.

My studies have given me the opportunity to create a robot that operates on a vertebrae in a simulated orthopedic surgery, visit extremely active and innovative companies, program a microcontroller so that it works as a pulse oximeter, and convert my own computer into a communication tool for disabled people…I have done it all!

During my internship at the heart institute, I met prominent health care specialists, discovered the numerous advanced machines that are used in operatories and, to top it all off, I even witnessed an open heart surgery. At the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, I not only discovered a new part of the country, but I got to work with artificial limbs. And yes, the bionic man exists!-) These were all very instructive and unforgettable professional experiences.

In short, my bachelor’s degree program in biomedical engineering offers me an opportunity to discover, explore, conceive, share and create in simply ingenious ways!

I do not see any other profession in my future that can offer me so many different career opportunities and ways to advance my knowledge of humans and machines. Right now, this decision is not an easy one: hospitals or research, industry or education, hearts or brains, clinic or management? But I realize that having so many choices is one of life’s gifts!

Mélissa Fortin
Mechanical Engineering

« A Chance to Improve Our Quality of Life »

Thanks to the good grades I got at CEGEP, I could have easily gone into medicine. But my desire to thoroughly study the mechanical movements of objects around me was too strong. That is why I dove headfirst into mechanical engineering.

My 4 years of university and 4 internships at companies allowed me to understand and gauge the results of each and every one of the designs and modifications of the machines that I created. That is how I came to know the feeling of pride that you get when you see your ideas in action. After that, I never wanted to deprive myself of that feeling again!

I had to work very hard during the four years of my program, but I never doubted my decision to become an engineer. This profession will give me a chance to improve the quality of other people’s lives by creating tools that will help society advance. My profession will give me a chance to develop both my creative side and my scientific interest in math and physics.

I never thought that pursuing a career in a male-dominated profession would be a problem. In fact, at the companies where I completed my four internships, I only came into contact with women engineers!

In my bachelor’s degree program, I studied a wide range of concepts, such as the strength of materials, the way hydraulic circuits work, electricity, fluid mechanics and much more. In fact, it was studying fluid mechanics that introduced me to turbine machine analysis, aircraft wing mechanics and many other components of aeronautics. That’s when it all clicked! And I decided to begin a master’s degree program in aerospace engineering, with a concentration in aeronautical design and fabrication.

I look forward to designing your future means of air transportation and meeting you in the sky or on the ground!

Marie-Catherine Paquin
Biotechnology Engineering

« Make a Real Impact! »

The biotechnology engineering program has everything it needs to interest a curious person who knows how to lead and wants to learn. The sheer variety of courses in the program keeps us on our toes! We are learning about biology, chemistry, physics, design and mathematics.

As a future biotechnology engineer, I am heading into a field that is related to biology and chemistry where I will have to design and perfect protocols and procedures that will have a real impact.

I enrolled in a COOP program for the variety of internships that it offers. It is very exciting to experience the reality of an engineer's work as a student because it helps you find your way.

Engineering studies are demanding, but exciting. In my bachelor’s degree program, the right balance of theory and applied courses help keep you interested. In the very first term, you work on an integration project that makes it clear whether you are in the right field or not. I know I am! An engineering career for a girl like me will involve innovative research in particular.

After completing one year of my program and an internship, I can safely say that the engineering world is magical and instructive. Every day is full of discoveries and conquests!

Mélissa Rodriguez
Construction Engineering

« I Like Challenges and That’s What Engineering Gives Me Every Day! »

The concrete side of engineering is what particularly drew me to it: creating new products, improving tools and processes, meeting various challenges and working on teams.

In my opinion, even though it is traditionally a man’s profession, women can also excel in it. Things are changing: We see more and more women at construction sites, workshops and in management positions. But they certainly have to work hard to get there. You have to have self-confidence to make it in this field. You also have to enjoy teamwork and know how to lead projects. You need to have interpersonal skills if you want to work as a construction engineer because you will have to interact with many different people at any given moment, such as sub-contractors, suppliers, other professionals, scientists, technicians and many others.

As a student, I am now doing several internships in the workplace to gain enough practical experience so that I too will be able to deliver impeccable engineering projects one day.

Véronique Hamel
Mechanical Engineering

« An Opportunity to Apply My Theoretical Knowledge in Internships at Companies »

I have always tried to figure out how structures and equipment around me work. I am curious by nature and like challenges. So when the time came to choose a career, engineering was by far the most interesting profession to me. I was particularly drawn to the creative and logical aspects of the profession, its many opportunities and scientific nature. The fact that the profession is traditionally a man’s world did not stop me. On the contrary, I believe that a profession should be accessible to everyone, both men and women, especially if it excites you.

The field of mechanical engineering is incredibly large. It includes everything from product design and production process optimization to fabrication and process automation. Mechanical engineers may also be involved in maintaining equipment, controlling quality and even recycling materials.

Indeed, training to become an engineer takes time and effort, but the challenges are both exciting and enriching. I have had the opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge to use in my internships at companies. These work experiences have allowed me to know for certain that I am on the right path and that my studies are productive.

I am now beginning the third year of my bachelor’s program, in which fellow students and I will take on a humanitarian project. This project is motivating because I will be able to use the skills I have acquired to help those who need them the most.

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