CEGEP visits

You will co-host an activity with a university student on a theme that interests and excites you both, in which you can highlight the benefits of studying engineering at university.

Who can get involved?


Target audience

20 to 100 students, CEPEP level, mixed.

Prep time

3 hours 30 minutes = virtual 60-minute training activity (taken just once) + 2 hours 30 minutes of preparation.

Time investment

Classroom: travel time + 60-minute presentation.

Virtual: 60-minute presentation + sound and Internet connection tests.

Activity scheduling

Weekdays, noon.

Type of activity

Workshop + lecture-style presentation and question period.

Tools provided by the OIQ

Virtual training activity specifically designed to help you make compelling presentations, a student helper to assist you with the logistics, workshop and icebreaker activity, program, customizable presentation.

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Reimbursed expenses

Travel and meal costs, where applicable.