The response to the question “what do engineers do?” is all too often: bridges and roads. You can demystify the profession as an ambassador to young people. By giving a simple presentation in a classroom, you help them understand all the facets and opportunities that engineering offers young people who want to change the world!

Who can get involved?

Engineers, junior engineers or candidates to the engineering profession (CEP) with enough credits in their bachelor’s degree program.

Target audience

Groups of 5 to 50 people, secondary level, mixed.

Prep time

2 hours 30 minutes = virtual 90-minute training activity (taken just once) + 60 minutes of preparation.

Time investment

In the classroom, + or – 45 minutes: travel time + classroom presentation.

Virtual, 45 minutes: sound and Internet connection tests + presentation.

Activity scheduling

During the day, during the week.

Type of activity

Lecture-style presentation + question period, classroom and virtual delivery options.

Tools provided by the OIQ

Virtual training activity specifically designed to show you how to effectively explain engineering in general terms, customizable PowerPoint presentation, support and assistance.

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Reimbursed expenses

Travel and meal costs, where applicable.