You can make a difference in students’ career choices by giving them a first-hand experience of an authentic working environment. Introduce your working environment (construction site, plant, etc.) to a group of young people and show them how engineering can change the world!

Who can get involved?

Engineers, junior engineers or candidates to the engineering profession (CEP) with enough credits in their bachelor’s degree program.

Target audience

Groups of 5 to 25 students (or more, depending on your capacity and the demand), secondary or CEGEP level.

Prep time

Preparation of the tour and group reception.

Time investment

Preparation + visit.

Activity scheduling

Weekdays, when your company is in full operation.

Type of activity

Guided tour provided to a group of students and their teacher.

Tools provided by the OIQ

Let us know what you need and we will assist you with this initiative.

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Reimbursed expenses

Transportation of students from their school to your plant, snacks, etc.