We are asked several times a year by science competition organizers if we can help them find judges to determine the winners of a science-related challenge. Do you have experience in more than one field of engineering? This is a perfect activity for you to get involved in.

Who can get involved?

Engineers, junior engineers or candidates to the engineering profession (CEP) with enough credits in their bachelor’s degree program.

Target audience

Groups of young people interested in science, secondary or CEGEP level.

Prep time

A few minutes to learn more about the organization holding the competition and the challenge given to the young people.

Time investment

1 to 2 days of involvement per competition, depending on the number of teams to judge and the scale of the competition.

Activity scheduling

Evenings and weekends.

Type of activity

Evaluation of science projects and debate on the winners with other judges and teachers.

Tools provided by the OIQ

The tools are provided by the organization looking for judges.

See the full list of tools

Reimbursed expenses

Travel expenses. Meals are generally provided by the organization holding the competition.