Assist a group of young people who are participating in a science competition and have to develop, design and produce whatever their science project requires. These are tasks that require a number of skills, including relationship management, teamwork, problem-solving, etc. Engineers need all of these skills to be able to do their work well!

Who can get involved?

Engineers, junior engineers or candidates to the engineering profession (CEP) with enough credits in their bachelor’s degree program.

Target audience

Groups of young people interested in science, secondary or CEGEP level.

Prep time

2 hours 30 minutes = 90-minute virtual training activity (taken only once) + 1 hour to become familiar with the parameters of your duties.

Time investment

A few hours for several days; your involvement depends on the competition requirements and its scale.

Activity scheduling

Evenings and weekends.

Tools provided by the OIQ


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Reimbursed expenses

Travel and meal costs.