Engineering, a world of possibilities

You want to excel while directly working to create a better world? Engineering is for you!

Young men and women, whether you're the logical or artistic type, from different areas and backgrounds, Québec needs you to adapt to fast-evolving technologies, to stay in the forefront of engineering at its best.

Engineering is an exciting field offering limitless possibilities. You'll be choosing a profession that defies routine!

So explore the world of engineering, how it can enhance the lives of people... and your own.

Engineering… all around us, every day!

From infinitely big to infinitely small, engineering is everywhere…

Examples of engineering are around you every day

Without you realizing it, engineering marks every moment of your life. in your spare time, engineering gives you plenty for your eyes and ears to enjoy. When you move, engineering reduces distances and time. When you travel, it helps you fly. When you dress, it gives you style and protects you. When you eat, it provides taste and brings the four corners of the world to your plate.

At meal time

To fight food crises, improve nutritional content in food and battle against the extinction of plant and animal species, food engineers have made some amazing achievements.

Research has helped us discover growing methods, effective industrial processes and healthy, tasty products, which have led to the creation of new companies, and even saved entire regions from bankruptcy.


Bridges strongly symbolize human engineering… San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the Pont d’Avignon in France or London Bridge in England, the Millau Viaduct, or closer to home, Confederation Bridge between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick just to name a few. They become objects of pride for many communities.

Every day, millions of people rely on the science of engineers to overcome natural obstacles and save time. It's not utopic to think that, one day, bridges will be so solid and light that they will connect continents!


Ever lighter, more flexible, more comfortable and warmer, today's clothing incorporates technological innovations to improve the quality of life for people. In the clothing and textile sectors, research even involves designing and marketing smart clothing that adapts to the weather, to our activities, to our tastes and even to our moods!


With the anticipated decline in oil stocks and its serious environmental consequences, innovators in the car industry focus primarily on finding alternative cleaner energy sources without affecting vehicle performance!

The automobile sector is teeming with technological developments. We want cars that are greener, safer, quicker, more energy efficient, more personalized and entertaining… the old dream of the flying car that is 100% environmentally friendly may not be so far off!

it’s also

For Girls

Engineering and girls

Which Engineering field is for you?

A brief history of engineering

Engineering invented… engineers! To build the pyramids in Egypt, invent the wheel or tame fire, engineering had to be used, even though the profession of engineer did not exist.

The profession of engineer, first appearing in the Middle Ages, took its name from the Old French word "engeigneur" which meant "a person who invents and makes machines". At this time, this person was almost exclusively assigned to military functions. Since then, engineering has applied sciences to a multitude of fields.

Engineering has revolutionized our ways of communicating, of travelling, and of housing ourselves, not to mention our industries, and many more areas.

About the OIQ

The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec ensures the protection of the public by overseeing and monitoring its members to serve the public with professionalism and integrity, strictly complying with laws and regulations.

The OIQ is not an association or union for the defence of engineers. It exists to protect the public and enable engineers to flourish in their work, through training and other initiatives.

Public Protection

Computers, roads, buildings, agriculture, prescription drugs, industrial manufacturing, video games, vehicles, artificial intelligence… the engineering profession is exercised in many areas and profoundly affects our lives.

The engineer's work must be impeccable and reliable at all times. To protect Québec society, the provincial government has mandated the OIQ and its 68,500 members to provide the best professional services.  Click here to learn more about the OIQ and protection of the public.