Past and Present of Engineering

A hundred Years of Outstanding Achievements

For one hundred years, Québec engineers have achieved great feats that have marked our history.

Of the tens of thousands of projects that they have designed in all fields, we have selected 10 that stand out because they were innovative and bold for their time.


Engineering in service of the planet

Engineers are in the front lines of the fight against climate change.


The Bionic human being and Biomedical Technologies

Thanks to electronics and medicine, thousands of vision, hearing or physically-impaired people can now see, hear or move like everyone else.


The International Space Station Arm

On April 19, 2001, at 6:40 p.m., Chris Hadfield took off from Cape Canaveral. Aboard the shuttle Endeavor, he headed toward the International Space Station with six other astronauts and five tons of material. His mission? Install Canadarm2, the new arm manufactured by the Canadian Space Agency.



The wartime efforts of engineers allowed the greater region of Montreal to develop an aircraft industry that is now one of the best in the world.


Deployment of optical fibre in Quebec

Surfing the Internet, sharing MP3s, sending text messages, watching videos, getting directions from a GPS are all things that we could not live without and now seem like they have always existed.


The James Bay Project

On October 27, 1979, a rumble rose above James Bay.



Opened on March 11, 1967, the bridge-tunnel is now 42 years old and the repair and servicing work is necessary if it is going to continue to hold the record for… the longest underwater tunnel in Canada!


The St.Lawrence Seaway

On June 26, 1959, Queen Elisabeth, U.S. President Eisenhower and the Prime Minister of Canada, John Diefenbaker, inaugurated the Saint Lawrence Seaway.


Engineering and the War Effort

The Second World War mobilized Québec engineers to produce the materials needed by the Canada’s allies until 1945.


The First Television in Canada

Today, every Québec household has at least one colour television. Often more. We can thank Joseph-Alphonse Ouimet for that.


Construction of the Hydroelectric Station on Île Maligne

On April 24, 1925, all of the residents of the city of Alma gathered on the shores of the Saguenay. On Île Maligne, in the middle of the river, engineers and labourers had built an immense dam and hydroelectric station.