Show your inner engineer


Offer an activity in line with the educational objectives of secondary school programs by inviting one of our volunteer ambassadors to your classroom. Your students will have fun trying out engineering by doing a science activity together. The engineer will not only lead the activity, but also talk to your students about the fascinating realities of their daily work.

Leave the organizing to us: We will bring all material required to carry out the activities.


Show Your Inner Engineer to Save the Bees

Duration: 75 minutes | Target audience: Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students |

Bees are in danger!

Our natural resource development and use are destroying their habitat. Without bees, the entire food chain is threatened because these invaluable pollinating insects are responsible for one third of the food that we eat.

We must save them.

During the activity, students will use engineering by making a prototype of a bee house. Conceptualization, scientific process, action plan, consideration of limitations, management of material and human resources… Students will be truly immersed in engineering at every step of the prototype creation process.


Show Your Inner Engineer to Survive in a Forest

Duration: 75 minutes | Target audience: Secondary 4 students |

Humans can survive for 30 to 90 days without food. They will die in 3 days without water.

During this activity, students will be asked to free their inner engineer to invent and design a prototype for a water filtration system that will make it possible to survive for 14 days in the forest. Crucial information: Hikers will have access to a source of freshwater at least once a day (pond, lake, or river).

Students will quickly discover that the perfect project does not exist in engineering. They will need to find the right balance between their objective (creating the prototype of a water filtration system) and the available resources (available materials, budget and time allotted).