Engineering in service of the planet

Engineers are in the front lines of the fight against climate change. In all fields of engineering, experts are studying sustainable engineering practices to better manage resource use and reduce society’s environmental footprint.

Engineers are helping to shape tomorrow’s world. They’ve got water treatment, eco-friendly buildings, contaminated soil remediation, CO2 filtration, electric vehicles and much more on their minds.


Yes! And here’s an example: Martin Roy et Associés Saguenay is a company that has designed a closed-loop system for pump trucks so that they no longer have to discharge water on the street. This means no more wasted water! Firefighters can train by using the endless loop of water from the tank designed for that purpose.[1]

And then there is CO2 Solutions Inc. in Quebec City. They have created a patented biotechnology platform that captures the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by power stations and other stationary combustion sources. In 2019, they worked with the firm BBA to design and build their first industrial lung in Saint-Félicien![1]

[1] CO2 Solution by SAIPEM, 2020, https://co2solutions.com/

Haven’t heard enough?

In Rouyn-Noranda, Technosub created a water and sludge treatment system that eliminates suspended abrasive solids. And that’s not all: The entire system is contained in a tablet, the Mudwizard![1],[2]

Behind each of these projects are engineers who care about finding sustainable solutions to improve the environment.

And you, will you join them in changing the world?

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